“AC Dumlao introduces such a refreshing perspective on intersectionality, advocacy, and activism. Their authenticity and dedication towards equitable representation for marginalized peoples has been so inspiring to me. I’m so grateful AC came to our school for they influenced me not only to be more intentional with my advocacy but also to prioritize self care and mental health.
– Megan Wang, Student Leader

“AC provides a comfort and a bigger voice for those of us who want access to our full range of gender identity and expression and want others to be able to see and understand it as well. And they do it with a strong pack of intersectionality attached. They have helped me and my friends more fully accept ourselves and also learn more about the issues that face others in our community, across borders and genders.”
– Ariel, Educator and Lifelong Learner

“I’m a cishet dude, and it’s not AC’s job to educate me — but it IS my job to educate my two young children about how to be in the world. AC has helped me see how essential it is to teach them how to see themselves and others , and to take care with the language I use. Partly this is about gender, but not entirely. It’s because of AC’s advocacy and openness that I stopped saying they are being ‘crazy’ and using related words that stigmatize or make light of mental illness. So, thanks for helping me raise my kids better!”
– Will Valverde, Fundraising Consultant

“AC describes their intersections of race, gender, and sexuality in a way that makes it easy to grasp for new readers, yet still refreshing and engaging for folks who are already familiar with some social justice terminology. Their style of writing is informative, but perhaps most importantly, affirming and encouraging.”
– Charlene Vo, Nonbinary and Queer Student of Color

“AC and their writings provide such necessary and underrepresented input from the Filipino/Pilipinx-American, First-Generation voice. Their experiences living artistically, consciously, and critically as a ‘First Gen FilAm’ are not often seen in the public eye, especially outside of the community. It is incredible that voices like AC’s are shared.”
– Ciarlene Coleman, FilAm Theatre Artist & Musician

“AC always has incredibly nuanced and important perspectives to offer whether it’s about gendered issues, the LGBTQIA community, or discussions surrounding abuse or assault. They always take care to offer an alternate lens reminding people, myself included, that issues are not always so black and white or binary, and keep narratives surrounding social issues as thoughtful as possible. I always go to AC to see what they’ll say because I trust their opinion and that they’ll come from a perspective that enriches and betters my own understanding and experience of the world–and I know that reading what AC has to say makes my own effect on the world more positive too!”
– Elly Belle, Writer & Advocate

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