Queer Awareness Month (Columbia University)


a much-needed voice

“AC gave a wonderful workshop that was both incredibly informative and fostered excellent discussion in a safe and welcoming environment. A much-needed voice on campus, AC not only spoke on the intricacies of being multiply marginalized and how to elevate those who are, but grounded it in lived experiences and a thorough understanding of intersectionality. They not only walk the walk, they also talk the talk. An absolute pleasure to have – knowledgeable and inspiring.”
–  A Guo, Student Leader, Queer Nonbinary Student of Colour, Asian Canadians Association of Carleton University

“AC was a great speaker to bring to campus! They were super relatable and engaging, but also incredibly informative. After the event, attendees approached me to tell me how much they had learned from AC specifically and how nice it was to have them talk. 10/10 would HIGHLY recommend!”
–  Hannah Howard, NYU School of Law

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AC at University of West Georgia

vulnerability and warmth

“AC was so amazing and easy to talk to. Their event did a great job at breaking down larger topics and relating them to personal issues, as well as relevant current events that should be on all of our radars. The work they do is meaningful and inspiring, and they speak about it and about themselves with so much vulnerability and warmth. New people should follow and get to know AC because they are so warm and their personality comes through in their work and engagement with students. In addition, their social media presence illuminates and engages with important themes of self love and care.”
– Lauren Su, Pomona College

“AC was incredibly professional. They provided several large groups a very comprehensive, compassionate and informational training session […] These best practices, case studies and background have allowed for our teams from multiple departments to have a keen understanding of what it means to be a trans or non binary ally. We are incredibly grateful for the experience, professionalism, feedback and the digestible presentation.”
– Amanda Amar, Senior Manager, Global Social Media

AC at Vassar College

engaging and dynamic

“Participating in AC’s workshop provided both myself and the entire team with more clarity on the topic of gender and identity. They fostered a safe-space, a forum for open discussion, with room to ask questions without judgment. Their presentation was engaging and dynamic, offering contemporary and historical examples to add richness to their presentation.”
– Michele Burchiani, Global PR Coordinator

“AC Dumlao introduces such a refreshing perspective on intersectionality, advocacy, and activism. Their authenticity and dedication towards equitable representation for marginalized peoples has been so inspiring to me. I’m so grateful AC came to our school for they influenced me not only to be more intentional with my advocacy but also to prioritize self care and mental health.
– Megan Wang, Student Leader

“AC provides a comfort and a bigger voice for those of us who want access to our full range of gender identity and expression and want others to be able to see and understand it as well. And they do it with a strong pack of intersectionality attached. They have helped me and my friends more fully accept ourselves and also learn more about the issues that face others in our community, across borders and genders.”
– Ariel, Educator

affirming and encouraging

“AC describes their intersections of race, gender, and sexuality in a way that makes it easy to grasp for new readers, yet still refreshing and engaging for folks who are already familiar with some social justice terminology. Their style of writing is informative, but perhaps most importantly, affirming and encouraging.”
– Charlene Vo, Nonbinary and Queer Student of Color

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AC at the LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland

“AC and their writings provide such necessary and underrepresented input from the Filipino/Pilipinx-American, First-Generation voice. Their experiences living artistically, consciously, and critically as a ‘First Gen FilAm’ are not often seen in the public eye, especially outside of the community. It is incredible that voices like AC’s are shared.”
– Ciarlene Coleman, FilAm Theatre Artist & Musician

“AC always has incredibly nuanced and important perspectives to offer whether it’s about gendered issues, the LGBTQIA community, or discussions surrounding abuse or assault. They always take care to offer an alternate lens reminding people, myself included, that issues are not always so black and white or binary, and keep narratives surrounding social issues as thoughtful as possible. I always go to AC to see what they’ll say because I trust their opinion and that they’ll come from a perspective that enriches and betters my own understanding and experience of the world–and I know that reading what AC has to say makes my own effect on the world more positive too!”
– Elly Belle, Writer & Advocate

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Pictured above: 10/19/2018: AC with the Queer Awareness Month at Columbia Board for their talk “Brown/Round/Queer/Here”!