Resources & Referrals

Resources & referrals — a work in progress! Organizations, brands, & more that I recommend! -AC

Evergreen Links:


    • NAPAWF – “Our mission is to build collective power with AAPI women and girls to gain full agency over our lives, our families, and our communities.
    • Project LETS – “Project LETS is a national grassroots organization and movement led by and for folks with lived experience of mental illness/madness, Disability, trauma, & neurodivergence. We believe in a world without systems of oppression, where non-carceral responses to crises are the norm!
    • Red Canary Song – “We are a grassroots collective of Asian & migrant sex workers, organizing transnationally.


    • Parade (+use my code mx.acdumlao)“Parade believes in color as a powerful part of your self-expression. And, we know that self-expression is about more than your style or what you wear — it’s about the right to safely express your gender and sexual identities.”