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Winter 2019-2020, Spring 2020 and beyond! Please note that a minimum of 2 months advance notice for prospective dates helps guarantee availability! 

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  • Call Them By Their Name – Headlines such as National Geographic’s “Gender Revolution,” may lead you to believe that the concepts of gender fluidity and non-binary identity are a new invention by millennials and Gen X, when in fact, non-binary identities have always existed. During this lecture, advocate and educator AC Dumlao (they/them) will discuss the history of non-binary genders in cultures around the world and how “non-binary” fits with(in) the transgender community.
  • BROWN/ROUND/QUEER/HERE. – AC is queer but not white. Cis-assumed but trans. Trans but non-binary. American but Filipino. Asian but Brown. The buts keep on coming. A talk/keynote/lecture/discussion about intersectionality and queerness, tailored to the topics you’re interested in!
  • “Ally” Is A Verb: Unpacking and Attacking Covert Transphobia – This workshop is for cisgender LGBQ+ allies to address the ways covert transphobia works. Building off models like “Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack,” participants will apply these concepts to cis privilege and interrogate why transphobic acts such as tokenism, reinforcement of the binary in queer spaces, and not challenging transphobic jokes are socially acceptable. Participants will then devise scripts for difficult “calling in” conversations and learn tools to stay accountable to what being a true “ally” means: a ever-evolving action verb instead of a stagnant self-awarded title.

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Want to talk about… Pop Culture, Pop Music, Fashion as Self-Care, Asian-American Identity, Erasure of Brown Asians in the Media, Theatre/Casting, Intersectionality in [You Pick!]… Let’s collaborate!

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