Hi! I’m AC.

You can Call Me They (and He!)

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Credit: Kevin R. Wexler/NorthJersey.com

“AC Dumlao introduces such a refreshing perspective on intersectionality, advocacy, and activism. Their authenticity and dedication towards equitable representation for marginalized peoples has been so inspiring to me. I’m so grateful AC came to our school.”

– M.W., College Student Leader

“AC gave a wonderful workshop that was both incredibly informative and fostered excellent discussion in a safe and welcoming environment. A much-needed voice on campus, AC not only spoke on the intricacies of being multiply marginalized and how to elevate those who are, but grounded it in lived experiences and a thorough understanding of intersectionality. They not only walk the walk, they also talk the talk. An absolute pleasure to have – knowledgeable and inspiring.”

– A.G., Queer Non-Binary College Student of Color